What is an Alias or Alternative Name?

The Index to Print Catalogues Raisonné (IPCR) is searchable by a series of alias or alternative names associated with each artist's main entry. These reflect names and spellings used by the artist, or by early scholars, or in different languages. Alias and alternative names will display when the appropriate check-box is marked at the start of a search. If no aliases or alternative spellings are known, none will appear.

When the user executes a search in IPCR on a common name, such as Müller, or defines the search with a broad parameter, by just entering the letters "L-O-R," for example, a list of names that fulfill the search will be displayed. When an alias or alternative name fulfills the search criteria, it will appear on this list in parenthesis.

For example, searching on the letters "L-O-R," results in the following pick-list:

Lorenzini, Giov. Antonio 1665-1740 Italian

Lorichs, Melchior 1527-after 1594 Danish

(Lorrain, Claude) Gellée, Claude 1600-1682 French

"(Lorrain, Claude)" serves as an alias to the main entry Gellée, Claude. Clicking on the main entry will take the user to the correct citation information.

Once the user has selected a main entry name, the aliases and alternative names associated with that entry will display, as long as the check box was highlighted at the start of the search, and assuming that there are aliases known. A main entry and alias combination in IPCR will display like this:

Sweerts, Michiel 1618-1664 Flemish

Alias or alternative spelling: Sweerts, Michael; Suars, Michael; Suarssi, Michael

If the user initially enters one of these alias name, such as "Suars," into the Search Box, they will automatically be taken to the record for "Michiel Sweerts."

Alias or alternative names are also designed to speed searches by offering shortcuts, such as names entered without foreign diacritical marks:

Miró, Joan 1893-1983 Spanish

Alias or alternative spelling: Miro, Joan

Additionally, aliases support keyword searches for those artists known only by dates (Master of 1515) or by nicknames (Master of the Playing Cards). In the case of the Master of the Playing Cards, a search on "Playing" or even just "Cards" will bring up the correct entry. In the case of the Master of 1515, numerous aliases are affiliated with the main entry:

Master of 1515 (fl. c.1500), Italian

Alias or alternative spelling: 1515; Busti, Agostino; Il Bambaia; Monogrammist W.E.N.H.G. 1509;

Here the searchable short-cut name "1515," is accompanied by several attributed names, such as "Agostino Busti" and "Monogrammist W.E.N.H.G. 1509" all of which would bring an IPCR user to the record for the Master of 1515.

Artists known only by monogram are affiliated with a series of aliases, as follows:

Monogrammist C.H. fl. c.1515 German

Alias or alternative spelling: CH; C.H.; Nagler, Mon., II, no. 0113

The first two of these aliases are designed to facilitate searching, so that a user can simply enter "CH" or "C.H." to locate the monogrammist in question. The "Nagler, Mon." alias refers to a multi-volume reference work which indexes many monogrammists. This is explained further on the Searching for Monogrammists and Symbols page.

When a number of individuals from the same family produced prints, a single alias will exist to act as a link to all family members. For example, if a user enters the words "Sadeler Family" the following list will appear, grouping all main entries for the members of this family together.

(Sadeler Family) Sadeler, Egidius II c.1570-1629 Flemish

(Sadeler Family) Sadeler, Johann I 1550-1600 Flemish

(Sadeler Family) Sadeler, Johann II 1588-1665 Flemish

(Sadeler Family) Sadeler, Marcus Christoph 1614-after 1650 Flemish

(Sadeler Family) Sadeler, Philipp b. c.1600, fl. to 1650 Flemish

(Sadeler Family) Sadeler, Raphael I 1560-1632 Flemish

(Sadeler Family) Sadeler, Raphael II 1584-1632 Flemish

Alternatively, when prints by a family are known, but individual works can not be linked to specific family members, the main entry will be the family name, and the family members will appear as aliases:

Leroy family 16th cent. French

Alias or alternative spelling: Leroy, Jean; Leroy, Allard; Leroy, Nicolas;