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Guidelines for Lending Works of Art on Paper. (2015 digital edition)
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Census of Fifteenth-Century Prints in Public Collections of the United States and Canada. Compiled by Richard Field, Louise Richards, and Alan Shestack (New Haven, 1985, revised 1995)

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The Print Council of America Paper Sample Book. A Practical Guide to the Description of Paper. Elizabeth Lunning and Roy Perkinson (Boston, 1996)




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Print Council Index to Oeuvre-Catalogues of Prints by European and American Artists. Compiled by Timothy Riggs
(New York, London, and Schaan, 1983)
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NO IMAGE           Guidelines for Museum Curators in the Lending of Original Prints. Edited by Joshua Binion Cahn (New York, 1965)





A Guide to the Care and Collecting of Original Prints. Carl Zigrosser and Christa M. Gaehde (New York, 1965)

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What is an Original Print?: Principles Recommended by the Print Council of America. Edited by Joshua Binion Cahn (New York, 1961)

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