Print Council of America

In 1956, Lessing J. Rosenwald and a group of museum directors and curators founded Print Council of America, a non-profit organization “fostering the creation, dissemination, and appreciation of fine prints, new and old.” Since then, the Council has continued to grow and evolve as a professional organization with an elected membership, reflecting tremendous expansion in the fields of print curatorship, scholarship, and museum practice, and embracing the specialties of drawings, photography, and conservation. What has remained constant is our spirit of collegiality and zeal for sharing knowledge and expertise with each other, and with wide-ranging groups and individuals through our publications, website, lectures, annual meetings, and other gatherings.
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Index to Catalogues Raisonnés of Works on Paper

The Print Council Index to Oeuvre-Catalogues of Prints by European and American Artists has been a mainstay of research in the field of works on paper since its initial publication in 1983. It contains bibliographic lists of artists’ catalogues raisonnés, publications with comprehensive listings of all known works by an artist, or a clearly defined selection such as all works in one media. The online edition of Print Council’s essential reference index, launched in 2000, is continually expanded and updated, now containing entries for drawings and photographs by European and American artists, print publishers, and prints and photographs by Japanese artists.
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